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    A fully synthetic high performance low friction engine oil for high performance classic vehicles, where this performance level is required regularly. This grade forms part of the award-winning Millers Oils NANODRIVE Low Friction Technology range. Formulated to provide a very high level of protection for classic cars. Reduced friction leads to both power and torque gains, improved fuel economy and a reduction in wear and heat generation. Successfully proven in motorcyles with wet clutches.


    Exceptional protection for vehicles requiring a 20w50 viscosity engine oil. Incorporating high quality fully synthetic base oils and modern innovative additive technology, combined with period viscometrics to provide optimum lubrication characteristics for engines manufactured in the immediate post war period through to the early 1980s. Intended for use in arduous applications such as sustained fast road use, track and motorsport.


    • A reduction in friction of up to 63% providing a reduction in wear of up to 38% compared to other synthetic based non-Nanodrive 20w50 grades.
    • The coefficient of friction reduces rapidly as the engine temperature rises, maximising fuel economy and reducing emissions accordingly. Protects against wear, extending engine component life.
    • Overall running costs are reduced through lower fuel consumption and longer component life.
    • Contains high levels of ZDDP (Zinc)
    • Suitable for operating at 125oC with peak temperatures up to 150oC

    Технические характеристики

    Вязкость по SAE 20w50
    Удельный вес (при 15°C) 0.868
    Кинематическая вязкость (при 100°C, сантистокс) 18.5
    Кинематическая вязкость (при 40°C, сантистокс) 156.8
    Индекс вязкости 133
    Точка застывания (°C) <-15
    Точка возгорания (°C) >200
    Вязкость «на холодном коленвале» (сантипуаз) <9500
    Общее щелочное число TBN (мг KOH/г) 10.11

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