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Жидкость для металлообработки

  • Описание
  • Описание

    Water Based Metalworking Fluids (Semi Synthetic)


    A water-based nitrite and phenol free semi-synthetic cutting fluid which also has the included attributes of E.P. And bio-stability performance.


    Used at the appropriate dilution rates Millcool HD is suitable for a wide range of machining operations with components manufactured from both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


    • The combination of bio-stability, high levels of anti-corrosion protection and extreme pressure performance are major contributors in a fluid that offers significant benefits as a universal product for arduous operations and difficult fluid conditions.
    • Undyed to offer good workpiece visibility.
    • This product provides excellent operator acceptability.
    • Millcool HD has a minimum oil content of 40%, a requirement of some machine manufacturers.

    Технические характеристики

    Удельный вес (при 15°C) 1.00
    Цвет запах внешний вид Semi Translucent
    Индекс отражения 1.0
    Рекомендованная концентрация, % 3 to 10
    pH 9.2 при 5%

    Здоровье и безопасность

    Мы находимся в процессе подготовки новых файлов MSDS для соответствия новому законодательству.
    Если вам нужен MSDS, contact us.
    Product should be stored under cover. Avoid extremes of temperature and protect from frost. Если вам нужна дополнительная информация по MILLCOOL HD или его использованию, свяжитесь с нами.