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    A premium quality water resistant extreme pressure calcium sulphonate complex thickened grease with exceptional load carrying capability.


    Millergrease LLWR2 has been developed for use in severe conditions for the lubrication of all types of anti-friction, plain bearings and sliding surfaces. Extended lubrication intervals on components subjected to high temperatures, high load, saltwater ingress and certain levels of chemical attack. Highly suitable for use in the paper industry, concrete industry, mining, quarries, steel mills, construction equipment, marine and off-shore applications.


    • Exceptionally water repellent with excellent corrosion protection, even in the presence of saltwater.
    • High level of EP (Extreme Pressure) performance provides protection against premature wear.
    • High shear stability provides the capability to extend lubrication intervals and the potential to reduce overall grease consumption.
    • Very good thermal stability. Versatile over a wide operating temperature.

    Технические характеристики

    Цвет запах внешний вид Коричневая гладкая смазка
    Уплотняющая система Сульфонат кальция
    Класс NLGI 2
    Рабочее проникновение, мм x 10-1 (IP 50) 280 to 320
    Сваривание на тесте 4 шаров, кг (IP239) 800
    Коррозия EMCOR (IP220) 0:0
    Operating Temp Range, °C от -30 до + 150
    Drop Point (IP132) °C >230
    Copper Corrosion (IP112) Проходит
    Смываемость водой при 39 °C (ASTM D1264) % <1%
    Тип базового масла Минеральное масло

    Здоровье и безопасность

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