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Пищевые — NSF H1 масло для гидравлики
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    Food grade, non toxic (PAO based) Multipurpose oil of high viscosity suitable for hydraulic systems and compressors used in the food, drink, pharmaceutical and other processing industries that require food grade purity. Also suitable for non food applications where a clean non staining oil is desirable.


    Ideal for hydraulic systems and compressors that need food grade approval and non staining capabilities. It is important to purge systems if a non approved grade has been used before refilling with Millfood 68 MP Synth.


    • Low coefficient of friction provides excellent lubrication and reduces wear.
    • Extremely low foaming reduces residues,varnish and scum build up, extending maintenance intervals and reducing costs.
    • High degree of demulsification provides greater lubrication efficiency.
    • Fully synthetic oil provides excellent thermal stability leading to extended service intervals, 8000hrs in compressor applications. Providing an extremely wide operating temperature range and oxidation stability.
    • Contain NO genetically modified ingredients, nut oil or derivatives.

    Технические характеристики

    Удельный вес (при 15°C) 0.837
    Кинематическая вязкость (при 100°C, сантистокс) 10.4
    Кинематическая вязкость (при 40°C, сантистокс) 68
    Индекс вязкости 140
    Точка застывания (°C) -30
    Точка возгорания (°C) 250
    Цвет запах внешний вид Прозрачная жидкость
    Регистрационный номер NSF 125910
    Temperature Range °C -40 to +240

    Здоровье и безопасность

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