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Смазки и компаунды — Пищевые NSF H1
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    A synthetic, food grade aluminium complex grease with extreme pressure(EP) additives and PTFE solid lubricant. An NSF listed product, reg No.125900,category H1 for use as a lubricant with incidental food contact.


    For food safe applications. Suitable for plain and anti-friction bearings and sliding surfaces in extremes of temperature, wet and saturated environments, heavily loaded applications and where there may be the presence of dust and other contaminants. Can be applied by hand, or using a standard grease gun (400gm cartridges are available).


    • The NSF H1 registration makes the product safe for incidental food contact in food manufacturing areas where this requirement must be adhered to.
    • The synthetic base oil provides long term lubrication at high temperatures, extending the lubrication intervals.
    • This product contains no genetically modified ingredients and does not contain any nut oil or derivatives.

    Технические характеристики

    Цвет запах внешний вид Белая липкая смазка
    Уплотняющая система Алюминиевый комплекс
    Твердая смазка Белая твердая смазка и PTFE
    Класс NLGI 2
    Каплеобразование, °C (IP132) >230
    Сваривание на тесте 4 шаров, кг (IP239) 400
    Коррозия EMCOR (IP220) 0:0
    Operating Temp Range, °C -50 to 165
    Тест коррозии на меди (IP112) Negative
    Тип базового масла Полиальфаолефин
    Смываемость водой при 38 °C (ASTM D1264) <1 max
    dN фактор 500000

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