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    SAE 30 running in oil. Highest quality solvent refined mineral base stocks treated with specially designed additive system.


    Use for initial running in of re-built engines. Formulated for running in on the road and test bed running. Run engine at peak torque to ensure maximum bedding-in of piston rings. Then drain and refill with the correct Millers engine oil. Suitable for limited road use (500 to 1,000 miles maximum)


    • The high quality mineral oil formulation overcomes the problems of bore glazing experienced when running in reconditioned engines.
    • The correct additive selection provides protection for the valve train and associated components whilst allowing piston rings and bores to bed in whilst providing limited road use whilst running in.
    • By optimising the running in procedure oil control and fuel efficiency will be attained.

    Технические характеристики

    Вязкость по SAE 30
    Удельный вес (при 15°C) 0.882

    Здоровье и безопасность

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